Liturgy and Worship: The Work of the People

Worship is the hub of our life together, because there we hear and receive what God has done for us. Every church has a way of ordering its worship, called a liturgy (meaning “the work of the people”). Our liturgy draws on an ancient and cross-traditional pattern that is rooted in the scriptures, while maintaining an openness to the working of the Spirit among us. Worship has two parts – Word and Table – as well as shifting emphases depending on the season of the church year. Every part, and every season, immerses us in the gospel in unique ways.

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Dinner Church - Divine Dining

At Divine Dining, worship takes place at the table around a big, delicious meal gathered together by our members. Communion is made as we share food and ourselves by exploring scripture, singing, and praying together.  The meal begins with the breaking of the bread and ends with the blessing of the wine. And so, the entire dinner meal is part of the Eucharist. When we pass the bread to one another, we say, "This is my Body.“ Likewise when we pass the wine, we say, “This is my Blood.” And so, we ourselves - we too - are the Eucharist.


Every fourth Sunday of the month is designated for Divine Dining, unless otherwise noted.


Our musical worship seeks to give expression to what God has done – and is doing – in our lives in ways that go beyond mere words. We draw on a variety of musical styles, including hymns and modern worship choruses, to foster the praises of God’s people.  If you’d like to find out more about our music, or perhaps are interested in joining the music team, email us at info@SolomonsPorchPhx.com.

Serving in the Liturgy

There are many ways to get more fully involved at Solomon's Porch, and one of them is helping to lead various parts of our worship. We are always looking to invite people into reading the Scriptures, serving as a Chalice Bearer, helping with set up or take down, or even being a Greeter. If you’d like to know more about serving in any of these roles, contact Pastor Kenny Pastor@SolomonsPorchPhx.com.

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Worshiping at Faith United Methodist Church located at 8640 N. 19th Avenue Phoenix AZ 85021
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