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Community Engagement & Prayer

New Monastic Community

Many who call Solomon's Porch their spiritual home also experience a deeper calling to serve our community that leads them to pursue a life of prayer and service. Solomon's Porch hosts the Phoenix chapter of the Companions of the Holy Spirit - a religious order rooted in New Monasticism.

Unlike traditional monastics, these new monastics seek to bring the Gospel back to the world rather than simply retreating.  These new monastics may be those called to clerical orders or not; married, involved or single; of any gender and/or sexual orientation.   The members of the ember are the driving force of evangelism and community support in our parish.

The chapter hosts several online prayer services. More details can be found on the parish calendar and on the CHS chapter page


Discipleship - SoulFarer


SoulFarer Study Ministry is the primary avenue for diving more deeply into the Solomon's Porch community. SoulFaring is about being on a journey: we pray, study, have fun, live life, and go on missions –together. 
SoulFaring invites you to make your own journey of prayer and lived experience alongside Jesus, from his birth, through his earthly ministry, suffering and death, and into resurrected life. Journeys are made very simply: by placing one foot in front of the other. As you journey, SoulFaring enables you to reflect, step by step, on what the Gospel story means for you!  Our midweek meetings run from September to May, Check our calendar to see when our next meeting will be!

Prayer & Congregational Care

When times are tough or extra help is needed in certain seasons of the journey, we are available to step in and provide assistance. 

We can receive prayer requests and we are faithful to pray for the needs of our church. Congregational care can sometimes assist in connecting you with a community resource that can help set up meal schedules, locate moving help, and lawn mowers, and even conflict resolution strategies.

If you have a need or would like to be a resource for this team to call on when needs arise, please reach out to us

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