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Mission, Story, Faith and Worship


Our mission is to foster a deep and authentic Christian life that honors the breadth of our shared traditions while embracing the diversity within the Body of Christ. We believe in the transformative power of the sacraments, the importance of community, and the call to serve others with love and compassion.



Solomon's Porch, as an idea, was birthed in the Fall of 2007. Bishop Kenny's vision was to see a church that was an expression of all three streams of Christian Tradition (Sacramental, Evangelical, and Charismatic).  He envisioned a church that would embrace the radically inclusive nature of the gospel: one where "all are welcome" really meant ALL. Equipped with this vision, God led Bishop Kenny on a journey from a fully charismatic church to a fully Sacramental church. During this time, Bishop Kenny stepped away from ministry to focus on strengthening his relationship with God and re-evaluating his beliefs.  Running parallel to the things that God was doing in Bishop Kenny’s life, God began working with Rev. Drew Haywood-Larsen.

On Easter Sunday 2013, Rev. Drew and a handful of people met for the first official worship service of our church.  In May of 2014, Bishop Kenny was made Lead Pastor of this congregation. In the same year, Solomon's Porch birthed the Convergent Christian Communion (then known as the Anthem Network), a family of ministries and churches formed around the same ideals that gave birth to our Parish.


As recipients of a story much bigger than ourselves, we do not want to pick and choose what we believe about God based on our own personal whims or limited experience. That would be quite exhausting and error-prone! Instead, we desire to receive the faith taught by Christ, revealed in the Scriptures, handed down from the first apostles, and embraced by the church for 2,000 years.


With Christians everywhere, we affirm our faith as summarized in the two historic creeds: the Apostles’ Creed and the Nicene-Constan Creed. These creeds summarize the witness to who God is and what he is doing, and serve as our framework for interpreting the Scriptures.



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Our liturgical services are at the heart of our community life. We invite you to join us for the Divine Liturgy, where you will experience the profound beauty of Eastern Catholic worship. Our services are conducted with reverence and joy, drawing from the rich traditions of the Byzantine Rite; while still drawing from the richness of the Western Traditions.  We follow the Convergent Lectionary, which in of itself is a customized version of the 3-year Revised Common Lectionary - which allows us to celebrate important feasts of the church in alignment with those we are called to serve while also celebrating the uniqueness of our traditions.

Every part, and every season, imersesus in the gosepl in unique ways. → More About Our Liturgy

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