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Our Liturgy

Every church has a way of ordering its worship, known as liturgy or “work of the people.” Even the most “non-liturgical churches” still have normal patterns of worship. The important question is what pattern does a church follow and why?


Solomon's Porch is a Convergent Catholic church which follows a pattern of worship similar to what you would find in Anglican, Lutheran or Roman Churches.

Our liturgy is drawn from the Convergent Prayer Book the official prayer book of the Convergent Christian Communion.

The Church Year

Just as the natural world has different seasons and a monthly calendar, the Church also has a calendar and different seasons. The seasons of the church year focus our attention on the work of God in history to set the world right. They allow us – each and every year – to marinate in different aspects of the gospel story. This protects us from neglecting certain facets of the gospel and fosters a holistic view of God’s purposes for us. For Christians, the church calendar starts at Advent, looking toward the coming King.

Advent (end of November to December 25)

Advent anticipates the coming of our King, Jesus. It is a season of anticipation and a reflection of his coming. We typically celebrate Advent by displaying the color purple or sarum blue, which signifies the royalty of Christ.

Christmastide (December 25 through January 5th)

You might be surprised to find that Christmas isn’t just a day, but a 12-day season! This wonderful time celebrates the gift of Jesus, the incarnate Son of God, who came as both fully God and fully man. It is a time of celebration, and we use the color white, which signifies Christ’s purity and glory.

Epiphanytide(January 6th through Shrove Tuesday)

Epiphany celebrates the revelation of our Lord Jesus to the world, because He is the one in whom God is making all things new creations. We signify epiphany by the color white, which represents the purity and glory of Christ

Lent (Ash Wednesday through Holy Saturday)

In Lent we join with our Savior as He sets his face towards Jerusalem, where He would be crucified as King. It is the most somber of all our seasons, and it is a time of fasting and humbling ourselves before the Lord. We once again display the color purple as an homage to our King.  The last few days of Lent begins with Psalm Sunday and ends the Saturday before Easter Sunday.

Eastertide (Easter Sunday through Pentecost)

Easter season (again, not just the day!) celebrates the Resurrection of Jesus, our Risen Lord! Easter is a time to celebrate God’s victory over sin, death, and hell, and the promise that all people will be made new in Christ. It is our most joyful season of the year. The color returns once again to white to signify our purity and glory in Christ.

Kingdomtide (Pentecost through Christ the King [end of November])

The remainder of the year we call Kingdomtide. It is a season of the church and the new life that comes by living through the Holy Spirit. It begins on Pentecost Sunday, which is colored red to remind us of the outpouring of the Spirit on the church like tongues of fire. The focus of Kingdomtide is on Kingdom Living - that is there is a focus on the work of the church (charity, caring for the poor, etc). Starting with Trinity Sunday, the color is green so that we have a constant reminder of the Spirit’s life-giving and renewing work in our lives.

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