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Solomon's Porch, as an idea, was birthed in the Fall of 2007. Bishop Kenny's vision was to see a church that was an expression of all three streams of Christian Tradition (Sacramental, Evangelical, and Charismatic).  He envisioned a church that would embrace the radically inclusive nature of the gospel: one where "all are welcome" really meant ALL. Equipped with this vision, God led Bishop Kenny on a journey from a fully charismatic church to a fully Sacramental church. During this time, Bishop Kenny stepped away from ministry to focus on strengthening his relationship with God and re-evaluating his beliefs.  Running parallel to the things that God was doing in Bishop Kenny’s life, God began working with Rev. Drew Haywood-Larsen.

On Easter Sunday 2013, Rev. Drew and a handful of people met for the first official worship service of our church.  In May of 2014, Bishop Kenny was made Lead Pastor of this congregation. In the same year, Solomon's Porch birthed the Convergent Christian Communion (then known as the Anthem Network), a family of ministries and churches formed around the same ideals that gave birth to our Parish.

Bishop Kenny was elected Presiding Bishop of the Convergent Catholic Communion in 2018 and consecrated to that office in 2019.  

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